Sunday, April 15, 2007

School Story

Amon was alone again. He took out a pill and swallowed it whole, and waited. Within a few minutes Amons vision began to swim with color, slowly he let his being fade into it. He was falling, down through the ground, into the center of the Earth. Suddenly he was surrounded by buzzing things speaking to him to fast to understand, in a language he didn't recognize in the first place.

“What do you want?” He asked “Slow down, I can't understand a word you're saying.”
The buzzing began fading away, Amon couldn't see which way the creatures, or whatever they were, but he wanted to follow, he thought they might know something very important about him.

“Hey, Come back!” he Screamed. “ Please, help me, What is going on with me!?”

Then came a low growl, from what seemed like everywhere at once, as if the whole Universe (If it could be said he was still in the Universe) was growling, gurgling, and buzzing around him. He could feel his body flex, bend, and move with the sounds of this place, fighting off nausea with every fiber of his being. Suddenly his body exploded, with feelings and emotions, It felt as if he was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This sudden burst of energy, and emotion seemed to draw in those creatures again. The buzzed around him, and he finally got a glimpse of them. They were Large almost like giant preying mantises.

They were all different colors, with huge bug eyes, and sickle like claws at the end of there long spindly arms.

Suddenly where the deep void was, there was now a huge elliptical room, and he was sitting in the middle of it. The creatures still buzzed about him, although most had landed on the cold hard white surface. The room looked very much like a doctors office, and smelled like one too he noted. The room was lined with white beds, and machines that looked as if they were meant to measure vital signs. Each bed had a person in it, who Amon soon realized was himself, and above each was a monitor.

Getting up Amon looked more closely at the monitor nearest him, It showed a man, on stage at a rock concert singing, Amon realized that that too was himself.

“W-What's going on here?” Amon asked the room in general. “I remember that, but, is that still happening now? That's not how it was when i was a moment ago...” he said trailing off at the end.

“Nooooo” buzzed the insect like creature closest to him. “That is still going on nowwwww”

“But...”Amon Stammered. “How is that possible, I am here not there. Or there” He noted gesturing towards the monitor next to the bed to his right.

This monitor was showing him still discussing something with a peculiar skunk-man which he was still under the impression was from his last drug trip.

“The thing is you are there, these are alternate yous, everyone has alternate thems, well, except us, the ones that live in this realmmmmm” said the creature. “Or at least, we cannot find any of us elsewhere”

“Well, Why didn't I just stay in my original self? Why have I seen through all of those other selfs eyes?”

“Technically speaking, these are all the 'original you' however they all share a soul, a better question (which we still cannot answer since it has never happened before) is why is that soul making itself become self-aware through one at a timeeeeee?” he buzzed in aggravated motion, obviously they had never had problems in this...whatever it was.

Amon left his other selfs table, and began wandering around the room, looking into each monitor, noting each one was a different reality, even some that he had yet to 'experience'.

“Or...” thought Amon “...My 'soul' had yet to experience directly yet.”
Why was this happening to him?

He looked at one particular scene, it showed a man (himself he guessed) though it didn't look like him, not exactly at least. His hair beard was grown out, and his eyes were wild. Also, He was in a prison, which startled Amon greatly.

“That...”said the creature closest to that monitor “ a prison for Terrorist.”

“What?! But i'm not a terrorist. Or...Am I? I am in this reality aren't I? What is going on here?”

“Every time someone makes a decision there soul splits and an alternative them is made, one for the decision they made, and one for the ones they did not choose as opposed to that one...”

“But I never even thought of becoming a Terrorist as far as i can remember!”

“No, sometimes these 'timelines' merge when someone offers you a choice, so someone asked you to become one and you accepted in this reality, and in another you declined, and some you were never asked because the person chose not to.”

Amon looked taken aback, this was a lot to take in, if it was real that is, or could this all just be a dream?

“What the hell is this place?!” Snapped Amon.

“This is...” began the creature.

Amon leaned against the bed of the “terrorist Amon” to listen, but his fingers accidentally met the other Amons, and suddenly he was falling through the floor.

“No! I want to know! Take me back!” shouted Amon.

He landed with a thud against the ground, and realized he was staring up at a prison cell ceiling. He reached up and touched his chin, there was a beard there.

“Oh no” He said quietly to himself. “This is not where I want to be at all. Not at all”

He closed his eyes in deep concentration, hoping beyond hope that he wouldn't be here long. Then the cell door opened, and in walked a buff man.

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