Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Necromancer

First let me just start off by saying it's been awhile, I've been busy with school (though most of my teachers probably doubt I've actually been working) but i wrote the begining of this story in tonight. so i thought I'd share it.

--The Necromancer--
A man stood at the top of a sand dune, he was wearing a black robe, with Gold stripes down the arms, and baggy pants, it was the type of thing that one would see in stories of Arabia, he wore a Kufi, a type of hat, which too was black, and every few inches had a gold stripe going down it. He held a dead bird in his right hand. The full moon lit the entire desert with a pale blue-silver glow. In the Distance he could see the faint blue-ish glow of minarets and the domes of buildings, however, he knew that these were not real buildings but the magics of this sacred place imposing long forgotten memories of civilizations eons old, and now dead, upon the landscape. Suddenly as if out of nowhere a tiny, dark blue creature appeared from out of the sand at the foot of his dune. The creature had a round head with no nose what so ever, pitch black eyes and a slit for a mouth, with long fangs protruding from within. The rest of his body was skinny, it seemed that the slightest breeze would snap his body in half due to its being so top heavy. It had long, silver claws, which were attached to spindly arms, hardly noticeable against the glow of the moon. It sniffed the Air, and apparently caught a whiff of what it was looking for, as it looked pleased, and came scrambling up the dune toward the man.

"Here, eat up." Said the man. He held the dead Carrion Bird up for the creature to see.
The Creature Eyed it up and down, then he quickly grabbed it, holding his hand over it. Suddenly a Blue flame shot up from the birds chest and he caught it in his hand. "...This is all?" The Creature asked in a dry whisper, which is all his race ever spoke in. "You, a Necromancer, could not find a greater death? Your type, even hindered by your humanity, are better death seekers then any of the races of this place. How can you expect to receive the Info you so long for, if all I get is this pathetic excuse for a meal. We Ghouls trade info, we do not give it away for free. I would be better off killing you and letting you bake in the sun for a few days than eating this, for it will not sustain me."

"More is to come, I want to make sure the information is reliable." Said the Necromancer. "I have had dealings with Ghouls in the past, although you are always true to your word, you will not hesitate to kill your employer if you feel that they would be of more use to you in your stomach. But trust me, I will not be easy to kill should you try, and I have the dead on my side, you would be wise to remember that. This desert is filled with the dead, and the undead, Century old Skeletons preserved in long forgotten tombs, and lets not forget the countless Animals, and people that die here everyday, it is not friendly to life to say the least." He Grinned, and just to make his point, waved his hand over the bird, who suddenly straightened up and began pecking at the Ghouls Forehead.

"I understand, I would never betray one so powerful in the Art of necromancy anyway. Your type, the Necromancer, is closer to all of the creatures of this place, those that come from another plane of existence, yet find their Sustanince here, then any other of your race. My people hold reverence for your type." With that the Ghoul opened his mouth and breathed in the blue flame which came from the bird. Just as the last bit of flame was consumed the bird stopped its pecking and fell flat to the ground, all it's soul drained it was about as useful as a rock, not nutrients left in it at all. "Al'shias soputru alhime zhar'zin" Spoke the Ghoul, a Prayer in an archaic language only known by the ghouls, to his god, the god of death, which today came in the form of this Necromancer. "Now then, What was it you wished to know?"

"The location, of the library of the gods." The Necromancer smiled, finally they were getting down to business. "I wish to gain access to it, and its many tomes."

"Aah, The library of the Gods, That's tricky, it's well protected, yes, that is where the gods keep records of all time, every bit of knowledge, every moment of everyone and everythings life is recorded there, what do you want with it?" The Ghoul hissed. "For it is forbidden by the gods that we Ghouls speak of it, our knowledge is boundless, but we obey our creators, if i am to speak of this, I better get a good last meal out of this, I do not fear death, but i like existing to much to give it up."

"I killed you a sand mole, before I felled it, it begged for it's life, it told me it was 700 years old, It would take me to its colony and sacrifice all the sand moles there if only i spare it's life. In other words, it's last moments were that of deep sorrow. I am sure you will enjoy it's essence." He could see the ghoul dripping saliva on the sand at the very thought of it.

"Yes, I shall tell you, for that it is worthwhile."

By sunrise the Sand Moles essence was all consumed, and the Necromancer had gone on his way, off to the east, with each step, his goal got closer.

--My thoughts--
I always write these stories in my head, and when i do they're amazing, but something is just lost in translation when put down in type. sorry it sorta sucks.

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