Thursday, March 29, 2007


Florida is...very bright. I'm not a fan of bright. I do not like Florida, it's not my idea of relaxing. I'm more of a Mountains/lakes kind of person. There are to many people here, and not a lot of pretty scenery although i did get a few good shots. I did go out in the sun (O_O i know!) and i'm wearing shorts for the first time in like 5 years XD. My sisters friend is with us too (sadly) Jenna is not bad in small doses XD but she's an airhead, and this is her first vacation (Except to Illinois). I feel mean now *shrugs* I'm sorta looking forward to school (except the homework...and the classes). I miss Sarah a lot. and all of my friends. and some of my teachers. XD i beat Yoshi's Island DS yesterday, and i've been doing some of the "secret missions". i'm also finishing up the book conquistador by S.M. Stirling, finally XD.
After being down here i'm interested pirates. I'm thinking i'll read about pirates when i'm done with this book. not fiction stuff this time though, History stuff.
Tomorrow i have to wake up at like 6 to get ready since we need to be out of here by 8 A.M. to get to the airport on time. which sucks, because I haven't been waking up till noon-ish.

Deviantartist of the week: kaze-hime

Musical artist of the week: Less than Jake

Poem of the week: 712 by Emily Dickinson

Pictures from Florida:
"Sunset and Sailboat"

"Red Flower"

"Dirty jokes one dollar"


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