Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, Hello there

Weekends are nice. Don't have to worry about school really. not until tomorrow at least when I have to do homework. On the Subject of school I'm sure i failed Reda's book project I had to turn in, which doesn't bode well for my grade (which was already shit) but that's to be expected from me. I don't like English (which is odd since Reda is my favorite teacher this year, and last year it was Varnes) and when i don't like something, my willingness to put effort forth towards it is minimal at best. You see it is my belief that one should not have to study in areas that are of no interest or of any use in the field they plan to move onto in life. I for instance am interested in World history, particularly Native Americans, and Indians (the ones in India.) I can see very little use for use for more then the most basic English for this, how to write a good paper. Same goes for Math (except basics), Science ("), A PE class, Art (unrelated to areas of interest), or anything else i might have missed. The only good I can see in going to these other classes are finding out what you are interested in, but only do that until you find a field you really love (weather that be in 8th grade, or 12th) and then drop the other classes and stick only with things that will advance you on your way. I often fear that my Teachers and friends think I'm stupid what with my horrid grades, but the thing is, Grades do not reflect my intellect at all, people point to my grade cards and say " those are straight Fs (and a B in walking) why are you doing that if you're smart" to me information that is pushed on me, as in the case of school, is only chains that hold me down and keep me from learning about what i truly find important.

--Rant over--
I've had a good weekend. Friday after school we (William, Cooper, Will, and I) stayed behind and watched the Student-Teacher Basketball game, Students pwnt the teachers and if the teachers uphold their end of the deal a few will be bald, one has to grow his hair out, and my English teacher Mr.Reda has to get a mohawk (English will be more interesting atleast). Later that night Will H, William W, Cooper L, Claire F, and Jill L all came over Friday night and we hung out for awhile in my basement. Will spent the night, and then about 2:00 today I met up with sarah and the emo triad + Dante, Madie, Sarah, and Anna spent time together. For thsoe of you that don't know The emo triad is Eamon C, Charles R, and Me.

No most of my blogs won't be this boring. This was more of an intro. I'll include recent happenings for sure, Along with Paranormal stuff, Personal Rants, and other misc. stuff.

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