Monday, March 19, 2007

God of War II

So, apparently god of war 2 is amazing as dictated by...The greek gods themselves? If only i could convince myself that i would enjoy a game of just hack and slash, which i doubt i could ever do. Also, although the first one got amazing reviews, I have my doubts about it...Like HATING IT shh don't tell will I said that or he'll go Kratos on my arse.

In other gaming news, I'm looking into the possibility of Paper Mario and the thousand year door, being amazing. I feel i should play it since the first one for the N64 was really good, and the one for the Wii looks wonderful. It's just a question of weather i want to spend my limited resources. aka monies.

I'm going on vacation over spring break, going to Key West, FL I'm sort of in the mood for the beach and some sun oddly enough. Maybe I'll come back with a fair amount of tan, and blonder hair, Maybe not. We always go to Florida, I like it their, but it gets old sometimes, and I really wish we could go to Minnesota, or out to Arches National Park or something. My favorite beach I've ever been to is in California, I ask why we can't go back their, and never get an answer, oh well that is the way of life.

Given that grade cards come out soon, I'm sort of disappointed in myself again. I'm vowing to do better this quarter, but i do that every quarter, and after about one week I decide that i like lazy better.


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